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  1. Tori, thank you so much for sharing this video and for allowing us to hear your voices. While the situation in itself is scary and chaotic, it is strangely beautiful that we are all in this together – on a community, national and even a global level. I think this video did a great job at showing that. Thinking about all of you back at Colgate, we will get through this!

  2. Tori, this is so insightful to understand how students are experiencing quarantine on campus. I had heard it was a “ghost town” but clearly there is life there! Beautiful life! I love how they talk about getting food, addressing mental health, accessing community and nature, and Netflix time, At the same time, the isolation and worries and stressors come through. Your text really helps bring it together, Tori. Thank you for this!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this, it was so beautiful to be able to hear from various students on campus. Something that struck me was your text about being physically alone but how we are all in this together. This is such a difficult time for so many people and although we often feel like we are trapped and alone, we are all facing different challenges and obstacles, which in a way brings us closer together. It meant a lot to be able to see and hear from students on campus who couldn’t go home for various reasons, so often we can take for granted the luxury of it. You’ll be home soon Tori.

  4. Hi Tori. I really enjoyed your choice of media for this post. Hearing fellow student’s voices and seeing where students were staying made this post really hit home with me. You highlighted the mixed emotions of this experience beautifully. I wish you and the other students on campus the best!

  5. Tori, this post is great. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing about students perspectives from people still on campus, including yourself! I like how you created a video, the presentation of this piece is very refreshing. It feels like even though you are all in your separate rooms, there is still an aspect of community and life among everyone- which is so important. Thank you so much for sharing/creating this and I hope you all remain safe and healthy on campus:)

  6. Tori, this was an amazing video. Capturing the different stories and perspectives that these students have while on campus is great. You’re right, understanding that everyone is going through this together and we are not alone. Students on campus finding new ways to interact or to find some form of accompaniment is great to hear. Great job Tori!

  7. Loved this video! I really liked hearing about what folks still on Colgate’s campus are doing during quarantine. I could see that the people being interviewed got excited to share what they have been up to. Sometimes I feel so alone, even though I am with nearly my whole entire family. This video reminds me that there are people still on Colgate’s campus (yourself included) who are sacrificing their ability to go home in order to protect an immunocompromised loved one. I am thinking of you during this time. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Tori! Thank you so much for making this. I have been thinking about the students still on campus and how hard it must be. It’s great to see that people are able to stay connected despite isolation and that the Colgate community (professors, advisors, etc.) is a support system during this time. Wishing you the best and that you are able to return home soon!

  9. Tori, thank you so much for this. It was great to hear/see you as well as some of the other students at Colgate! I have been thinking of the people, the campus, and the town of Hamilton everyday hoping people are staying safe. My favorite part of your video was the section on what students are looking forward to. I think one of the toughest parts of quarantine is the unknown behind when this is all going to be over and how is life going to be afterwards. Therefore hearing people taking about the future and the hope of what to come is incredibly reassuring. Thank you Tori!!

  10. Tori, my love! Thank you for such an insightful and creative project that captures the realities that students on campus are facing. The text in addition to the snippets of students speaking their truths was well put together. It was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. I found what you stated at the end of your video to be quite powerful: with every storm, a rainbow follows. YES. YES. YES. Though these are uncertain times it is important to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Things will get better, however, as you emphasized, things will have to get worse. Thank you for all the time and effort you dedicated to creating this amazing piece. I will be thinking of you and the other individuals who are still on campus, hoping that you all remain safe and well. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need someone to talk to. I am only one phone call, FT, zoom meeting, and text away.

  11. Loved this video! It’s so interesting to hear how Colgate students are coping being on our beloved campus. What struck me most is how strong our students and community are!

  12. Tori this was a really beautiful video. I think it was so easy for many of us to assume that everyone would have left campus without truly thinking through the fact that leaving in and of itself to go to a home is a privilege. I am so happy to see you all doing well as well as the optimistic ending you created, I think we could all use some positivity at this time. I also find it reassuring that many members of the Colgate community, professors, advisors, faculty, etc are reaching out and ensuring the well-being of students. I think this time, as crazy as it has been, has also led to some really interesting shifts in the dynamics of communities. Stay safe Tori this was a beautiful post!

  13. This was truly beautiful and heart warming Tori! Thank you and all of the people in this video for taking the time to share your feelings and experiences, and to you Tori for putting this together. If there is anything I can do at all please let me know! I can’t imagine how tough it must be not to be able to hug your mother, and you are so strong for going through this. Stay safe and keep your head up!

  14. I loved this video Tori, thank you for making it! It is so easy to get wrapped up in lives outside of Colgate now, but this reminds us all we are apart of a community that needs to be there for each other. You are so so strong! It is amazing that you chose to share so many different voices on campus, and speaks to how caring of an individual you are.

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