by Leonore Tiefer…

My friend Areta, age 86, is a Ukrainian immigrant who came here from displaced person camps after WWII. She had a career in business. She’s now in the hospital in NYC, recovering from Coronavirus.

Areta and I met at a fundraising luncheon for public radio and discovered a shared love of opera. We also found that neither of us are married or with children.

She was hospitalized on April 2. I learned you can’t visit the hospital, but you can send things! So I sent my hospitalized friend a little radio from Best Buy on April 12 and she has had it tuned to WQXR nonstop classical music 24/7. We listen to the opera broadcasts together and discuss them as we used to discuss the real thing. 

Since she got the radio (!!) she has been steadily improving. Her oxygen level is much better. No fever. She might be discharged in a week. One of the smartest things I’ve ever done in my life!!

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