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Hey guys! Here is a short audio recording/podcast that I made about my time in the hospital for surgery during this pandemic. I focus mostly on what it was like to have to be alone for a pretty intense 4 hr surgery and staying alone overnight which was pretty scary but how the healthcare workers really came to my aid and focused on a care-based practice which I thought was super awesome!

quick podcast about my experience!

12 Replies to “Hospitalization in a Pandemic…but not Because of the Pandemic!

  1. Jordan, amazing that you recorded this while on painkillers and while recovering from surgery! Thank you for enabling us to hear how you are doing. We have missed you in class! What a scary situation to be unaccompanied, wearing a mask and a gown, for so long in the hospital. The section on health care workers supporting you (from minute 6 on) and focusing on CARE is particularly beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story Jordan. And your experiences highlight the progression of severity that COVID has brought to the country and especially New York. The emphasis on care really is important. The nurses and PA’s that were assisting you your last night helped you to get through those final moments and that is something that is being emphasized more commonly in our medical practices during these times.

  3. Loved hearing this cool podcast, Jordan! Up until now, I’ve only really been thinking about hospital-goers as prospective COVID patients. Thanks for shedding light on the reality that there are still folks going in for surgeries and other procedures that have no relationship to coronavirus. I was glad to hear that you had such a positive experience with the nurses and PAs that were taking care of you. It is interesting to think of accompaniment in the patient-nurse/PA/doctor relationship. This podcast has definitely led me to think more critically about the power of a positive patient-nurse/PA/doctor relationship. So happy you are feeling better and are no longer in pain!

  4. Hi Jordan! I’m so sorry that you had to go through this during the worst time possible. You’re right that the increase in value on care is a positive thing that has resulted from the pandemic. What your PA said about never being about to see each other’s full faces was very powerful. She clearly cares deeply about her patients and sees them as human beings, which is something that our healthcare system doesn’t necessarily promote.

  5. Jordan, I can only imagine how painful that must of been physically and mentally especially being in the midst of the coronavirus. I had to get knee surgery two years ago (at HSS) where they also put screws into my knee, but my parents presence was vital to help me get through it. You are incredibly brave and courageous on taking that all on by yourself.

    It made me extremely happy to hear about your first hand experience on the emphasis on care rather than cure. Considering you weren’t allowed to have any people with you, it is critical for nurses, doctors, and physicians assistants to make sure to apply acts of accompaniment. It is amazing to see how humans are stepping up to give love to each other as we struggle through these hard times. Keep staying strong Jordan, you are inspiring to all of us!!

  6. Jordan, thank you for your resilience and heartfelt podcast. To have to undergo this journey without loved ones psychically by your side must have been frightening. However, you pushed through! I am glad that the healthcare works accompanied you during this stressful time and that you created a bond with your PA. I could not agree more with you on the point you made on the need for care management.

    I wish you a speedy recovery! I hope you and yours stay safe and well during all this chaos.

  7. Jord, thank you so much for sharing your story! I can’t fathom how scared you felt during this experience. It is so important to bring attention to other patients outside of COVID19, as well, as there are so many people needing medical attention that are forced to risk exposure to the disease while seeking out care. Your experience of being alone in your mask and gown closed off to any other patients must have been really hard to comprehend, as it is different than any other hospital experience you may have had or heard about. I am so beyond thankful that the nurses and PA’s were so wonderful in a time that you couldn’t be surrounded by your loved ones. I hope you are feeling better, and know we have all been thinking about you !

  8. Hey Jordan! Thank you for telling your story! I hope you continue to recover well, you got this! I really appreciated the podcast format. It was nice to hear your voice as you shared your story. Thank you for bringing awareness to the experiences patients are going through who need medical care unrelated to COVID-19. I am happy that nurses and PAs supported you through this experience. Once again, it shows just how important CARE is. Good luck with PT!

  9. Jordan – I really enjoyed hearing you tell us your story. I have been doing some thinking about the treatments of patients for other illnesses, injuries, etc. that are unrelated to COVID-19. It is important that we not only are caring for those who are suffering from COVID-19, but also continuing to offer this care to others who are suffering too. I really enjoyed your connection to stratified healthcare and the challenges that this poses as people want the best medical treatment that is available, yet often the best options are the most expensive. I’m sure it was incredibly difficult and stressful to seek out medical care during these times, but I am glad that you were able to be treated and were given the attention and care that you deserved!

  10. Jord, this was incredible. You left me speechless after listening to this. You are beyond strong and brave to go through this, and even more so for sharing your experience. I can’t imagine having to go through all of this during all of COVID chaos, especially on your own, but no part of me is surprised that you were able to. This time is really showing the issue of stratified healthcare, so thank you for bringing that up. Also, it is amazing that you formed close bonds with the nurses. I am so glad you shared that because it shows there is hope and love still in our society, even though it can seem so dark at times. You are an amazing, strong person and I hope the healing process is going well!

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